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National Animal Genetic Bank (NAGB)

NAGB is focused on collecting available genomic samples from wild fauna of the Czech Republic and also data on other existing genomic samples, e.g. from finished research projects or samples stored in museums, which can come from all over the world. NAGB ensures their long-term quality preservation and provides data to a widely accessible database of these samples to make them available for (further) research and thereby aims to contribute also to effective species conservation.

NAGB's Secretariat:
Institute of Vertebrate Biology CAS
Research facility Studenec
Studenec 122, 675 02 Koněšín
Czech Republic

E-mail: info@ngbz.cz
Phone: +420 560 590 612
Mobil: +420 608 549 416

NAGB Network Members and Partners

Members of the NAGB are:


Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Czech Academy of Sciences

Contact person: Dr. Petra Hájková, hajkova@ivb.cz; Dr. Barbora Rolečková, roleckova@ivb.cz


Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Charles University

Contact person: Dr. Michal Vinkler, michal.vinkler@natur.cuni.cz


Mendel University in Brno
Contact person: Dr. Šárka Dvořáková, sarka.dvorakova@mendelu.cz

NaturaServis s.r.o.
Contact person: Roman Rozínek, roman.rozinek@naturaservis.net

Ornithological Station of the Comenius Museum in Přerov (ORNIS)

Contact person: Dr. Josef Chytil, chytil@prerovmuzeum.cz


Department of Botany and Zoology, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University

Contact person: Dr. Adam Konečný, akonecny@sci.muni.cz


Wallachian Regional Museum

Contact person: Dr. Zdeněk Tyller, tyller@muzeumvalassko.cz



With the Genetic Bank cooperate also:

Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic
Czech-Moravian Hunting Association
Polabské Museum
Bartošovice Rescue Station
Private Zoological Museum of Benjamin Hlivka
Jana Wagnerová Taxidermy
Vysočina Museum Třebíč

Museum of Nature of Bohemian Paradise

South Moravian Museum in Znojmo

and committed individual pepople

Natura ServisAOPKČMMJBartošoviceBen HlivkaherpetaPolabské muzeumMPČRPrerov - OrnisORNISJihomoravské m. ve Znojmě


The Genetic Bank of the Institute of Vertebrate Biology (IVB Genetic Bank) focusses on the collection of wild vertebrate samples, with most samples originating from specific research projects, though samples from occasional animal cadavers are also provided by IVB employees or external sample providers, such as animal rescue stations or natural history museums. Thus, material from Central European fauna as well as from other countries of the world is collected. The oldest samples in the IVB Genetic Bank come from the collections of Prof. Jan Zima, who began collecting in the early 1990s. Genetic Bank samples (typically a piece of tissue in 96% ethanol) are stored in deep freezers (-80 °C) at the Studenec research facility or in the NAGB sample repository at the Mohelský Mill field station. The IVB Genetic bank works in partnership with the IVB Collection of vertebrate voucher specimens and other relevant collections so that it can maintain records on the location of all stored material from a particular individual (e.g. in cases where a genetic sample from an animal used to create a taxidermy mount in a natural history museum is stored in the bank). The IVB Genetic Bank is registered under the Global Registry of Scientific Collections (GRSciColl; code IVB) and is also a member of the Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN), an international network of non-human genetic repositories.