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National Animal Genetic Bank (NAGB)

NAGB is focused on collecting available genomic samples from wild fauna of the Czech Republic and also data on other existing genomic samples, e.g. from finished research projects or samples stored in museums, which can come from all over the world. NAGB ensures their long-term quality preservation and provides data to a widely accessible database of these samples to make them available for (further) research and thereby aims to contribute also to effective species conservation.

NAGB's Secretariat:
Institute of Vertebrate Biology CAS
Research facility Studenec
Studenec 122, 675 02 Koněšín
Czech Republic

E-mail: info@ngbz.cz
Phone: +420 560 590 612
Mobil: +420 608 549 416

Support us

Foundation of NAGB was supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (project BIOM, no. EHP-CZ02-OV-1-025-2015), the Vysočina Region and the Czech Academy of Sciences Strategy AV21



Strategy AV21 - programme Diversity of Life and Health of Ecosystems (2015-2019), Lendscape rescue and restoration (from 2020)

Global Genome Biodiversity Network-Global Genome Initiative Awards Program (20172018)


INTER-EXCELLENCE – INTER-COST, Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (20202023)


Institute of Vertebrate Biology of Czech Academy of Sciences